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Frequently Asked Questions About Double-Helix Water™

Question: What is Double Helix Water?

It is a newly discovered, solid phase of water that does not melt at room temperature. Double helix water contains water clusters, which have the form of a double helix.
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Question: How were double helix water molecules discovered?

David Gann and Shui-yin Lo were trying to understand the properties of a sample of water with interesting catalytic properities (while working at Cal-Tech on another project). Their research into this water sample began a scientific quest that led to the mathematical prediction by Dr. Lo of solid phase water. During a 15 year journey, Dr. Lo and David Gann were able to obtain proof of the existence of this solid-phase water, which is now called double helix water. This scientific discovery may eventually turn out to be as fundamental to future science as was the discovery of the transistor. Numerous applications for this solid-phase water are envisioned, and some of these applications are now in various phases of research and development. One of these applications is in regard to human wellness.
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Question: What are the essential properties of double helix water molecules?

Essentially, double helix water molecules are stable, nanometer sized, rigid, ice-like (but formed at room temperature) water clusters, which  demonstrate a measurable polar charge.
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Question: How much research has been done with double helix water molceuls?

Fifteen years of research has been done by top professors at major universities around the world. The results are summarized in the book “Double Helix Water” by David L. Gann and Dr. Shui Yin Lo. Double helix water is a fundamental discovery in particle physics and has been published in an authoritative physics journal and presented at international academic conferences. It has been found to stimulate the body’s immune response in a double blind study by Prof Benjamin Bonavida of UCLA, and also by Dr. Norman Shealy, M.D., and Ph. D.
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Question: What enables double helix water molecules to contribute something of value to human wellness?

David Gann and Dr. Shui-yin Lo believe these particles are the molecular basis for what Chinese Medicine has suggested for over two thousand years: namely, that an electrical matrix surrounds and permeates the body and that this electrical matrix is the senior dominating factor in all health issues. This is evidenced by Electron and Atomic Force Microscope photographs, which demonstrate that these particles line up end to end to form circuit-like structures. Therefore it is very feasible that they form the material basis for what the Chinese call meridians.

Although Western Science has NOT documented the existence of meridians (because they cannot see, touch or measure them), Eastern healing practitioners have precise maps of these meridian locations in the body. David Gann and Dr. Lo believe that stable water molecules may be the core element of these meridians. And being atomic level, they would be undetectable except to those knowingly looking for them with Atomic Force miscroscopes. They also theorize that damaged meridians can be fixed by supplementation with stable water molecules. Repairing meridians and enabling the flow of energy through the merdian’s and their electrical matrix is what has been sought for millennia by Chinese healing practitioners through acupuncture and acupressure.
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Question: When one supplements with high potency double helix water what are the suggested dosing?

David Gann and Dr. Shui-yin Lo suggest that one place 20 drops into a gallon of distilled water and dose as follows:



Servings Per Day

Ounces Per Serving


110 pounds and above




80 to 110 pounds




55 to 80 pounds




40 to 55 pounds




25 to 40 pounds




less than 25 pounds



It is unknown if taking more than the above amount will produce any additional effects, but no ill effects would be experienced by taking more than these suggestions. Adults, children and infants are  all recommended to utilize Double Helix water. Adults and children and infants with special “needs” are advised to take a third dose at the above recommended levels according to weight.
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Question: How do we know that no damage can be done to human health through double helix water supplementation?

Double Helix Water is ultra pure water! No negative effects have been observed and it is unlikely than any wellness expert or medical professional or scientist could argue for a few drops of ultrapure water — in any phase — being able to cause damage.
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Question: Are there any ’cautionary statements’ in regard to supplementing with double helix water molecules?

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Question: How are double helix water molecules related to homeopathy?

It is believed by David Gann and Dr. Lo that homeopathic preparations often contain stable water clusters produced through techniques of extreme dilution. Double helix water would simply contain FAR more stable water molecules.
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Question: How are double helix water molecules related to energy pathways in the body called meridians?

Our hypothesis is that meridians are made up of these stable water clusters. Similar to the way magnets line up via the attractive force between their north and south poles: The north pole of the first magnet attracts the south pole of the second one. The north pole of the second magnet attracts the south pole of the third one, and so forth. Stable water clusters in the meridians line themselves up in similar fashion. The difficulty for Western scientists is that meridians cannot be discovered by cutting the body open and examining it (as they can see nerve and blood vessels). However, acupuncturists see daily the ‘curing effects’ of acupuncture, using meridians as a guide. Read more
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Question: How can double helix water molecules help to balance or restore damaged meridians?

If the stable water clusters that comprise a meridian are misaligned, the meridian will not function properly. Qi will not flow smoothly. An acupuncture needle inserted in the meridian will help cause the straight-line status of the meridian to be restored. Qi then flows smoothly and the Qi pathway functions properly.

Another way of restoring the meridian to its proper function is to create another channel for Qi. This can be done by adding stable water clusters to bypass the blocked part of the meridian. Drinking double-helix water would allow these extra stable water clusters to do the repair job. The flow of Qi will no longer be blocked. Essentially, double helix water is the nutrient that fixes or underlies meridians.
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