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A Totally New Paradigm in Health — It is Life Changing!

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Each Bottle is a One Month Supply!
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Each bottle contains 15 ml of Double-Helix Water™.
(Lasts 1 month with typical use - of 50 drops per gallon
and drinking 2 to 3 cups of this water per day.).

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A must read for anybody who is ready
for a better approach to prevention of poor health and
for an immune system boosting, optimum flow
of qi through his/her body.

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Double Helix Water is a registered trade mark and is used with permission of D & Y Laboratories, Inc.
Your use of this website is with the understanding that Double Helix Water™, i.e. stable water clusters,
are not recognized by Western Medicine, nor a majority of the world’s scientists. Without such
recognition and endorsements, the only use of the information from this website should be
for educational purposes, i.e., as starting points for your own further research, and in
 no way should Double Helix Water be viewed as a medicine or treatment for disease.
It is believed that stable water clusters, i.e. Double Helix Water™, are naturally
produced by the human body, and can be supplemented with
Double Helix Water™.

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