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By Shui-yin Lo, PhD

What do a 25-year-old male with migraines, an 80-year-old lady with diabetes and a doctor with a brain tumor have in common?

To answer this question, let’s look at a little experiment that was done recently.

We asked several subjects to drink our stable cluster water, which we now called double-helix water (because it has stable water clusters shaped like a double helix).

We first took a complete set of infrared images. The subjects then drank 8 ounces of double-helix water. We asked them to hold each mouthful of water for a few seconds before swallowing so that the double-helix shaped water clusters could get absorbed directly to the bloodstream. Otherwise, it has to go through the stomach and intestines to reach the bloodstream. We waited 15 minutes then took another set of infrared images. We compared the before and after images. The color code for the infrared images is: white is the hottest, then red, yellow, green and blue, with the coldest in black. For each case we saw significant changes.

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